Table 1.

Current cigarette smokinga (%), adults 18 years and older, National Health Interview Survey, 2015

Age (years)
 American Indian/Alaska Native25.323.224.2
 No HS diploma28.722.625.6
 HS diploma22.219.921.0
 Some college/assoc. degree18.717.217.9
 Undergraduate degree8.16.67.3
 Graduate degree4.03.43.7
Sexual orientation
 Gay or lesbian19.615.717.8
Immigration status
 Born in U.S.
 Born in U.S. territory22.79.715.3
 In U.S. fewer than 10 years11.33.26.9
 In U.S. 10+ years11.05.07.9
Health insurance coveraged
  • NOTE: Estimates are age adjusted to the 2000 U.S. standard population.

  • aEver smoked 100 cigarettes in lifetime and smoking every day or some days at time of survey.

  • bEstimates for white, black, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Asian are among non-Hispanics. Estimate for Asians does not include Native Hawaiians or other Pacific Islanders.

  • cAmong persons 25 years and older.

  • dAmong persons 18–64 years of age.

  • Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Health Interview Survey, 2015. Public use data file.