Table 3.

Clinical illustration of LFSPRO

Counselee's absolute risk of developing cancera
Carrier probabilityBy age 40 yearsBy age 70 yearsClassic criteriaChompret criteria
From a baseline population (34)0.06%2%9%
Shown in Fig. 1A (scenario 1)57%31%43%NY
Exchange the status of counselee's grandmother and the grandmother's sister (scenario 2, Fig. 1B)82%40%52%NY
Counselee's grandmother is also affected at age 42 years (scenario 3, Fig. 1C)91%43%56%NY
Only the counselee and her mother and grandmother are affected (scenario 4, Fig. 1D)b60%31%43%YY
  • aAssuming the counselee has not developed cancer before age 35 years.

  • bAll carrier probabilities are calculated allowing for de novo mutations, except for scenario 4, where we calculated the carrier probability (*) at de novo mutation rate of 0.