Table 1.

Overview of included studies

No.Study titleStudy durationInclusion criteriaStudy sampleaType-specific HPV DNA detectionRelevant references
1Natural history of cervical neoplasia in HIV-1 and HIV-21994–1999Age ≥ 15755 (291 HIV+)12 types up to 1998(9, 10, 18)
27 types thereafter
2Control of HIV-1 by HIV-2 associated immune responses2000–2006Age ≥ 15121 (119 HIV+)38 types(22)
ART naïve
3Epidemiology of HIV-1/HIV-2 dual infection2001–2005Age ≥ 157 (7 HIV+)38 types(23)
4Developing new approaches for cervical cancer control2002–2007Age ≥ 153 (3 HIV+)38 types(19)
5Antiretroviral therapy for HIV-2 infection in Senegal2005 - ongoingAge ≥ 1648 (48 HIV+)38 types(20, 25)
6HIV-associated DNA hyper-methylation in cervical cancer2005–2010Age ≥ 18386 (150 HIV+)38 types(21, 24)
  • aSample size for the present study differs from the total samples reported in prior publications due to missing HIV status and/or the lack of longitudinal cytology/histology and HPV DNA data.