Table 2.

Estimated mean reduction in lifetime risk of cervical cancer (%) following screening, HPV vaccination, or both, versus no interventions, in select LMICs

CountryScreening only (Pap test)aScreening only (HPV DNA test)bVaccination onlycVaccination + screening (HPV DNA test)
Argentina (176)
Chile (176)14.245.660.0
Colombia (176)20.849.467.1
Peru (176)
Mexico (176)16.740.356.4
South Africa (123)14.724.846.459.7
Uganda (123)
  • aCytology-based screening for 3 times at ages 35, 40, and 45 years, assuming 70% population coverage for 3-visit testing (first visit: Pap test; if necessary, second: colposcopy and biopsy, third: treatment).

  • bScreening based on HPV DNA testing 3 times per lifetime at ages 35, 40, and 45, assuming 70% population coverage with 2-visit HPV DNA testing each time (one day for testing, the other for results, and if necessary, treatment).

  • cVaccination at ages 9–12 years, assuming 70% coverage of the female population with three doses given by age 12.