Table 1.

Characteristics of women diagnosed with colorectal cancer across tumor composite scores for CTLs and GZMBa

CTL composite tumor score n = 465GZMB composite tumor score n = 458
Participants' characteristics (%)2–3.94–5.15.2–6.2≥6.3Pe22.1–2.9≥3Pe
n = 103n = 139n = 108n = 115n = 196n = 92n = 170
22.2 (%)29.9 (%)23.2 (%)24.7 (%)47.7%24.9%26.5%
Age at CRC diagnosisb
 ≤71 y41.828.132.423.536.731.523.5
 72–77 y32.046.039.838.340.339.138.8
 >77 y26.225.927.838.30.0423.029.437.70.02
 <25 kg/m235.936.038.034.841.329.435.9
 25–30 kg/m237.935.331.534.833.743.531.2
 >30 kg/m226.228.830.630.40.9825.
Stage at diagnosisb
In situ or local30.123.042.637.424.535.940.6
Grade at diagnosisb
 Well differentiated4.94.311.
 Moderately differentiated61.259.765.754.858.262.062.4
 Poorly differentiated26.233.118.540.931.123.931.8
 Lymphomas/not stated7.
CRC site
 Proximal colon53.951.144.978.350.351.169.2
 Distal colon/rectal46.148.955.121.7<0.000149.748.930.80.0005
  • Abbreviation: CRC, colorectal cancer.

  • aTumor CTL and GZMB composite scores were created as a sum of corresponding epithelial and stromal scores categorized into quartiles for CTL and tertiles for GZMB.

  • bValue at the CRC diagnosis.

  • cValue at baseline (in 1986).

  • dInitial course of therapy.

  • eP values were based on χ2 test.