Table 2.

Summary of measures used in the NE-WAS

DomainNumber of measuresData source(s)Examples
Demographics and housing characteristics121American Community SurveyPopulation density, % white alone, % boys ages 10–14
Education, employment, and income102American Community Survey% College grad, % in labor force, % in food prep sector
Urban form and walkability50American Community Survey, New York State Accident Location Information Service Line Layer, NYC Transit Authority% walk to work, density of 4-way intersections, Bus stop density,% of roadbed covered by tree canopy
Crime and disorder35Esri Crime Risk, Google Street View, New York Times Homicide Map, NYC Sanitation Department Report CardsWeighted average risk of larceny, Mean neighborhood disorder, % filthy streets
Parks5New York City Department of Parks and Recreation% of land area in large parks
Pedestrian safety24New York State Department of Transportation and New York City Police DepartmentCyclist injury density in the 1990s, Pedestrian fatality density in the 2000s