Table 1.

Characteristics by category of weight change in the KPNC population of breast cancer patients diagnosed from 2005 to 2013 (N = 12,590)

Large loss (≥10%)Modest loss (>5%–<10%)Stable (within 5%)Modest gain (>5%–<10%)Large gain (≥10%)Total
Mean or median
Median (range) of follow-up, years3 (0–9)3 (0–9)3 (0–9)3 (0–9)4 (0–8)3.4 (0–9)
Median age at diagnosis, years616060565459
Median change (pounds)−28−120.1011240
History of alcohol drinking
History of smoking
Diagnosis BMI category
 Normal weight182433384032
Comorbidities, yes/no18161211913
Tumor stage
Breast cancer subtypea
 Surrogate Luminal A434848474347
 Surrogate Luminal B373436363836
 Her2+, endocrine negative655545
 Triple negative141311121412
  • aDefinitions adapted by Prat and colleagues (18) from the 3-marker IHC plus grade subtypes in the St. Gallen's Consensus Conference; we separated breast cancer into subtypes as follows: (i) surrogate Luminal A (well or moderately differentiated and ER+ and PR+ and Her2); (ii) surrogate Luminal B (poorly or undifferentiated ER+ or PR+ and any of PR, Her2+); (iii) HER2-positive, endocrine negative (ER, PR, and Her2+); and (iv) triple negative (ER, PR, and Her2).