Table 1.

Description of cases with EOPC, family history, and unrelated controls from the PACGENE consortium

SubsetaNAgeb (SD)Familial casescAverage number of affected family members (range)% Male% Non-Hispanic white
CasesEarly onset7940.56 (3.93)01 (1–1)5495
Family history90664.31 (10.82)6852.44 (2–11)5093
All98562.62 (12.13)6852.33 (1–11)5093
Controls87762.24 (10.96)00.0046 (0–1)4496
  • aEarly onset, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer before the age of 50 years. Family history, has a family history of pancreatic cancer.

  • bAverage age of onset for cases; average age at study enrollment for controls.

  • cCases belonging to a FPC kindred, defined as a confirmed diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in a pair of FDRs.