Table 2.

HR estimates and 95% confidence intervals from Cox regression analysis of breast cancer–specific mortality, for the racial/ethnic group only model versus the full baseline model

All cases (N = 12,098)
Racial/ethnic groupRacial/ethnic group only modelaBaseline modelb
NL Whites1 (Ref)1 (Ref)
African Americans1.69 (1.46–1.96)1.13 (0.96–1.33)
Latina1.00 (0.84–1.19)0.82 (0.69–0.99)
Asian Americans0.52 (0.33–0.85)0.59 (0.38–0.96)
Disparity (D)0.320.19
% change in D−40%
Overall χ2(df)c1,632 (64)
Disparity χ2(df)d40 (3)
  • Abbreviation: df, degrees of freedom.

  • aModel including racial/ethnic group, and stratified by study and adjusted for age at diagnosis only.

  • bModel including racial/ethnic group and all other variables in Supplementary Table S1, stratified by study and adjusted for age at diagnosis.

  • cCox partial likelihood ratio χ2 comparing left model to right model in each section.

  • dPortion of the likelihood ratio χ2 attributable to change in disparity measure (see Materials and Methods).