Table 1.

Subject characteristics from Study B: patients with abnormal mammogram, or CBE

Benign (n = 19)ADH+DCIS (n = 5)Invasive (n = 17)
Age (mean)55.258.457.1
Race, n
Body mass index (mean)28.726.031.8
Prior invasive cancer (%)006%a
Detected by screening mammography58%b80%35%c
Detected by self-exam37%20%53%
Drawn before biopsy (%)32%0%29%
  • aOne of the invasive breast cancer subjects had an early invasive breast cancer diagnosed >20 years before the current encounter.

  • bOne of the subjects with a benign breast condition was referred for biopsy from an incidental finding from a CT exam.

  • cTwo of the subjects with invasive cancer were referred on the basis of findings from CT and PET exams.