Table 3.

EMR-verified screening mammography receipt within 1-year following randomization in ¡Fortaleza Latina!, by intervention clinic-level and individual-level assignments (n = 536)

% had mammogram within 1-year following randomization
Allocated to clinic-level interventionAllocated to clinic-level usual care
Clinic 1Clinic 2Clinic 3Clinic 4
Individual-level assignmentIntervaUCbIntervaUCbIntervaUCbIntervaUCbP
N Participants6362444180718986
Observed %25.412.918.24.920.08.415.715.1
Combined Clinic 1 and Clinic 2Combined Clinic 3 and Clinic 4
N participants107103169157
Observed %22.49.717.812.1
Adjusted % (95% CI)c20.6 (14.1–29.1)11.7 (7.3–18.2)18.9 (13.6–25.6)10.6 (6.9–16.1)
All clinics (patient-level assignment)
N participants276260
Observed %19.611.2
Adjusted overall intervention effect % (95% CI)c19.6 (15.1–24.9)11.0 (7.6–15.6)P < 0.01
  • aIntervention involving motivational interviewing delivered by promotoras.

  • bUsual care.

  • cAdjusted for clinic or individual intervention assignment level as appropriate (fixed effect) and randomization block nested within age group and clinic (random effects).