Table 1.

City A (intervention) and City B (control) descriptive data

StatisticCity ACity B
Population size, 2010 estimate76,377178,042
Race, 2010
 Non-Hispanic White42.8%49.8%
 Non-Hispanic Black/African-American7.6%16.0%
 American Indian/Alaskan Native1.3%1.4%
 Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander0.1%0.1%
 Two or more races6.5%6.5%
Ethnicity, 2010
 Non-Hispanic White20.5%37.6%
Foreign-born persons, 2009–201337.6%30.0%
% below poverty level, 2009–201329.2%29.0%
Median household income, 2009–2013$32,851$37,632
% Low birthweight (less than 2500 grams), 2010 (City A) and 2009–2013 (City B)7.0%8.8%