Table 1.

Sea Mar clinics in Western Washington participating in ¡Fortaleza Latina!, 2011

Allocated to clinic-level interventionAllocated to clinic-level usual care
Characteristic for 2011Clinic 1Clinic 2Clinic 3Clinic 4
Number of patients seen at clinic11,6577,4716,5716,853
% patients uninsured46.648.635.638.9
% patients Latino71.358.942.255.7
% patients Spanish speakers72.458.837.732.8
% patients at federal poverty level ≤100%51.754.864.658.9
Number of women ages 40–74 years seen at clinic1,7401,1691,1591,271
Mammography ratea22.014.814.519.4
  • aNumber of women with a mammogram performed in 2011/number of women ages 40 to 74 seen at clinic.