Table 4.

OR and 95% CIs evaluating the independent effects of body mass index (BMI) and unconjugated estradiol on ovarian cancer risk

All ovarian cancerSerousNonserous
ORb (95% CI)ORb (95% CI)ORb (95% CI)
BMI (per 5 kg/m2)Not adjusted for estradiol1.09 (0.94–1.27)1.02 (0.84–1.23)1.21 (1.00–1.48)
Adjusted for estradiol1.07 (0.89–1.27)1.06 (0.85–1.31)1.10 (0.88–1.38)
Unconjugated estradiolaNot adjusted for BMI1.12 (0.97–1.30)0.98 (0.81–1.17)1.40 (1.13–1.73)
Adjusted for BMI1.10 (0.93–1.30)0.96 (0.78–1.18)1.36 (1.08–1.71)
  • aLog-2 transformed unconjugated estradiol, OR associated with a doubling in circulating level of unconjugated estradiol.

  • bOR adjusting for matching factors (age at baseline, year of blood draw, race/ethnicity, hysterectomy status), recency of menopausal hormone therapy use (never, ≤1, >1), smoking status, gravidity, and duration of oral contraceptive use. Additional adjustment for unconjugated estradiol or BMI as listed in second column.