Table 1.

Characteristics of AYA HOPE participants

Sociodemographic variables
 Age at diagnosis, y
  Unknowna 163.3
 Health insurance status
 Service needed
  Nurse comes to home
  Support groups
  Mental health services
  Physical/occupational therapy
  Pain management specialist
  Any service needed
Clinical variables
 Health status
  Good/very good/excellent40483.3
 Cancer type
  Germ cell tumor18939.0
  Hodgkin lymphoma13427.6
  Non-Hodgkin lymphoma11724.1
 Cancer stage
  All cancers combined
   Stage I16133.2
   Stage II13928.7
   Stage III6613.6
   Stage IV5010.3
 Treatment received
  • aUnknown race includes selections for American Indian/Alaskan Native.