Table 2.

Distribution of health care practices, lifestyle behaviors, and emotional factors (N = 551)

Mammogram history
 Within last 2 years30355
 >2 years or never24845
Echocardiogram history
 Within last 2 years15530
 >2 years or never/do not know35770
Visit to LTFU program or oncology center/clinic
 Within last 2 years10220
 >2 years or never39880
Pap test
 Within last 2 years48588
 >2 years or never6512
Smoking status
 Former or current15731
Physical activity
 Inactive lifestyle10420
 Active lifestyle40780
 Normal weight28752
Perceived breast cancer riska
BSI-18 (score ≥ 63)
 Behavioral disengagementd1.430.54
 Mental disengagementd2.100.59

Abbreviation: LTFU, long-term follow-up.

  • aHigh = much more/more than average woman; Low = same/less/much less than average woman.

  • bN = 541.

  • cN = 538.

  • dN = 542.