Table 1.

Flow chart for study sample construction

StepCriteriaNumber of patients includedNumber of patients excluded
1All patients diagnosed with NETs during 1999–200928,420
2Exclude if patients had histologic grade 3, 4, or unknown19,3149,106
3Exclude if patients were younger than 65 in age at diagnosis12,4836,831
4Exclude if patients had unknown stage of cancer10,7421,741
5Exclude if the data were reported based on autopsy or death certificate10,65983
6Exclude if patients enrolled in HMO or did not have continuous Part A and B enrollment within 12 months of the NET diagnosis, unless the patients died and had continuous Part A and B enrollment and no HMO enrollment till death7,3933,266
7.Exclude if patients started octreotide treatment after 12 months of diagnosis7,055338
8Exclude if patients had missing information on covariates6,940115