Table 3.

Mixed-effects logistic regression model analysis of CRIS group effect on colorectal cancer testing within 12 months of baseline visit (all ages)

12-Month colorectal cancer testing outcomeTailored, N = 329, n (%)Nontailored, N = 322, n (%)Pa
Risk-appropriate testingb150 (48)132 (42)
No risk-appropriate testing163 (52)185 (58)
Any testing164 (50)141 (44)
No testing165 (50)181 (56)
  • aP value tested the group effect on the colorectal cancer testing while adjusting for cluster effect (clinic provider).

  • bTwenty-one patients had complicated medical histories for which programming in the CRIS algorithms could not recommend a specific testing regimen; therefore, the final analytical sample for risk-appropriate testing was n = 630.