Table 2.

Longitudinal classification of smoking status after lung or head/neck cancer diagnosis

Percentage of participants in each categorya
StudySample sizePersistent smokerRelapserLate quitterPersistent abstainer
Cooley et al. (52)2306.71.20.691.5
Cooley et al. (53)9413.
Do et al. (62)119016.612.33.367.7
Eng et al. (65)72114.70.718.965.7
Gritz et al. (73)8406.821.58.263.5
Hay et al. (76)18811.
Hopenhayn et al. (80)14211.913.44.969.7
Kashigar et al. (84)29524.40.024.750.8
Sanderson et al. (121)22666.730.03.30.0
Schnoll et al. (129)7431.413.79.845.1
  • aRow percentages may not add up to 100.0 due to rounding.