Table 2.

Quality and accessibility of links to specific cancer-related clinical trials

Overall N = 27 Percentage (95% CI)
Trial information
 Title of study96 (81–100)
 Treatment regimen78 (58–91)
 Purpose of study96 (81–100)
 Eligibility criteria93 (76–99)
 Exclusion criteria74 (54–89)
 Trial status93 (76–99)
 NIHCT/NCI trial number89 (71–98)
 Principal investigator59 (39–78)
 Contact email or phone81 (62–94)
 Date clinical trial posted78 (58–91)
 Date clinical trial updated85 (66–96)
Interactive interfacea44 (25–65)
  • aWebsites were considered to have an interactive interface if there was an option to input patient-specific information (age, gender, cancer subtype, treatment status, and/or location) into a web search engine to identify clinical trials for which a patient might be eligible.