Table 6.

Use of cobas-like partial HPV typing in primary HPV testing

HPV-type positiveHPV-type negative
3-year risk of CIN3+95% CI3-Year risk of CIN3+95% CI
HPV HR4.3%4.2%–4.4%3.0%2.8%–3.2%

NOTE: The estimated CIN3+ risk among all women ages 25 years and older testing HC2+, prior to typing, was 6.7%; the current US interim guidance would recommend, in the absence of typing, return for retesting in one year. Note that there is no true HPV-negative group in this table; also, roughly half of the women ages 25–29 years had ASC-US being tested for triage. Thus, this is not a complete, general screening population. Three-year cumulative risk of CIN3 or worse (CIN3+) among women with Hybrid Capture 2–positive (HC2+) results, ages 25 years and older, stratified by HPV type status [HPV16, else HPV18, else other 12 high-risk (HR) types targeted by cobas].