Table 2.

Comparison of hierarchical HPV results from cobas and LA, grouped as HPV16 else HPV18 else 12 high-risk (HR) HPV, else negative for 14 targeted types

LA resultCobas HPV16, nCobas HPV18, nCobas high-risk HPV, nCobas HPV-negative, nTotal
LA HPV163,229546403,320
LA HPV1840904217972
LA high-risk HPV230577,7675378,591
LA HPV74454463,7284,293

NOTE: κ statistic = 0.86 (95% CI, 0.86–0.87, indicating excellent overall agreement), test of symmetry P < 0.0001 (indicating relatively increased HPV16 and HPV18 positivity of cobas relative to LA). Of note, all specimens with both LA and cobas paired results were tested, including enrollment specimens (all HC2-positive) and subsequent longitudinal specimens from the same women (many of which were HC2-negative). Frequency missing = 86.

Bolded values represent inter-assay agreement, while off-diagonal, unbolded values represent lack of agreement.