Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of CPS-II Nutrition Cohort according to leisure-time spent sitting, women

Sitting h/d
Characteristic(n = 37,131)(n = 32,756)(n = 7,575)
Total activity MET-h/wk – mean/median26.3/22.025.1/21.525.3/20.5
Age-adjusted percenta
 High school or less34.938.038.3
 Some college or trade school31.331.731.3
 College graduate33.129.629.6
BMI (kg/m2)
Alcohol use
 <1 drink/day38.538.734.3
 ≥ drink/day11.912.812.7
Smoking status
 Current smoker33.436.839.4
 Former smoker6.59.713.1
 Ever smoker, status unknown0.30.30.4
Diabetes status
Other chronic conditions reportedb
 None reported44.338.435.1
Exercise activity (MET-h/wk)
Daily-life activity (MET-h/wk)
 T1: <7.029.630.735.1
 T2: 7.0–<15.534.433.128.5
 T3: ≥15.536.036.236.3
Light housekeeping (h/d)
Total energy intake (calories per d)
 Q1: <1,02124.721.919.2
 Q2: 1,021–<1,30223.422.920.8
 Q3: 1,302–<1,63322.423.522.5
 Q4: ≥163320.624.429.2
Total red meat intake (quartiles-g/wk)
 Q1: <159.625.221.119.5
 Q2: 159.6–<293.923.422.921.0
 Q3: 293.9–<470.222.323.623.4
 Q4: ≥470.220.325.227.8
Menopausal status
Use of postmenopausal hormones
Hysterectomy and/or oophorectomy
  • aAdjusted to the distribution of the CPS-II Nutrition Cohort women.

  • bPrevalent coronary artery disease, stroke, emphysema, other respiratory disease, hypertension, and high cholesterol.