Table 1.

Characteristics of patients with oropharyngeal cancer from KPNC, 1995–2010

Type of oropharyngeal cancer
CharacteristicHPV-related sitesaHPV-unrelated sitesaPd
Total cases1,3831,344
Mean age at diagnosis, years (SD)60.8 (10.7)63.8 (12.8)<0.001
Male sex, %77.454.9<0.001
Race/ethnicity, %<0.001
 Asian/Pacific Islander4.39.0
Cancer diagnosis year, %<0.001
Census-based educationb, %
 Lower education17.918.30.80
 Higher education82.181.7
Census-based incomec, %
 Lower income4.96.10.18
 Higher income95.193.9
Prior smokinge, %
Prior alcohol abusee, %
  • aDefined by histologic site of cancer as described by Chaturvedi et al. (17).

  • bLower education census-tract defined as ≥25% population with less than a high school education.

  • cLower income census-tract defined as ≥20% population with household income below poverty levels.

  • dP value based on χ2 for categorical variables and t test for continuous variables.

  • eBased on data for 2007–2010, corresponding with N = 459 HPV-related and N = 358 HPV-unrelated sites.