Table 4.

Adjusted calendar trends for patients with oropharyngeal cancer overall and by prior history of smoking and alcohol abuse, 2007–2010

Smoking and alcohol abuse strataa, by cancer groupRR, per yearb (95% CI)PP-interaction
A. HPV-related sitesc
 Age <60 years1.05 (0.93–1.19)0.410.98
 Age ≥60 years1.05 (0.94–1.18)0.37
 Men1.05 (0.96–1.15)0.320.89
 Women1.06 (0.87–1.30)0.54
 Smoking history0.98 (0.87–1.09)0.66
 No smoking history1.14 (1.01–1.29)0.0300.058
 Alcohol abuse0.98 (0.83–1.16)0.82
 No alcohol abuse1.07 (0.98–1.18)0.140.35
B. HPV-unrelated sitesc
 Age <60 years1.17 (1.00–1.36)0.0470.006
 Age ≥60 years0.89 (0.79–1.00)0.054
 Men1.00 (0.88–1.14)0.960.68
 Women0.96 (0.84–1.10)0.60
 Smoking history0.90 (0.79–1.03)0.12
 No smoking history1.08 (0.95–1.24)0.240.055
 Alcohol abuse0.80 (0.66–0.96)0.016
 No alcohol abuse1.06 (0.95–1.18)0.300.009
  • aCorresponds to smoking or alcohol abuse diagnosis in prior 2 years.

  • bRate ratios for calendar year from multivariable Poisson Regression model with terms for year, age, sex, alcohol, and smoking. For smoking-stratified models, we included a smoking/year interaction term, and for alcohol-stratified models, we included an alcohol/year interaction term.

  • cDefined by histologic site of cancer as described by Chaturvedi et al. (17).