Table 5.

Sensitivity analyses for association between statin use and cancer-specific mortality in lung cancer patients

Cancer-specific mortalityAll patientsPerson yearsUnadjusted HR (95% CI)PAdjusteda HR (95% CI)P
Main analysis: Prediagnostic statin useb10,62213,39812,5070.94 (0.90–0.98)0.0070.88 (0.83–0.93)<0.001
Subgroup analyses
 Male6,2927,9187,1150.91 (0.86–0.96)0.0010.87 (0.80–0.93)<0.001
 Female4,3305,4805,3910.99 (0.92–1.06)0.800.91 (0.83–0.99)0.02
Sensitivity analyses
 Smoking before diagnosis available (and adjusted for)9,5199,51911,3290.96 (0.92–1.00)0.070.89 (0.84–0.95)<0.001
 BMI before diagnosis available (and adjusted for)7,95910,0409,7830.98 (0.93–1.03)0.420.92 (0.87–0.98)0.01
 Additionally adjusting for bisphosphonate usec10,62213,39812,5070.94 (0.90–0.98)0.0070.88 (0.83–0.93)<0.001
 Statin use between 2 years and 6 months before diagnosisd9,73312,26011,4370.93 (0.89–0.98)0.010.87 (0.82–0.92)<0.001
  • aExcept where otherwise stated, adjusted for year of diagnosis, age at diagnosis, gender, comorbidities (before diagnosis, including cerebrovascular disease, chronic pulmonary disease, congestive heart disease, diabetes, myocardial infarction, peptic ulcer disease, peripheral vascular disease, and renal disease), other medication use (in year before diagnosis, specifically low-dose aspirin and beta-blockers), and deprivation (in fifths).

  • bBased upon use in the year before diagnosis, restricted to individuals with 1 year of records before lung cancer diagnosis.

  • cContains all confounders in a along with bisphosphonate use in year before diagnosis.

  • dRestricted to individuals with 2 years of records before diagnosis, removing prescriptions in the 6 months before lung cancer diagnosis as these could reflect increased medical care due to early symptoms.