Table 2.

Association between HPV16 viral-load status and HPV52 detection based on retesting of selected cervical/anal specimens using HPV52 type-specific PCRa

HPV52+ specimens/total specimens, NORb (95% CI)
HPV16 viral load (tertiles)Ludwig–McGillMcGill–ConcordiaHITCHBCCRCCCaSTHIPVIRGTotalAll studiesc
 Low0/300/331/332/330/322/335/1940.73 (0.24–2.21)
 Middle0/301/331/330/332/327/3311/1941.38 (0.55–3.45)
 High0/301/341/344/342/336/3414/1992.36 (1.08–5.14)

NOTE: Test for heterogeneity between studies: P = 0.52.

  • aAll specimens were HPV52 negative according to consensus primer PCR HPV DNA testing.

  • bAdjusted for age, lifetime number of sexual partners, and study.

  • cSome specimens from CCCaST study (n = 76) were excluded from analysis because number of sexual partners information was not collected from certain subjects (St. John's study site only).