Table 2.

Ethnic differences in cotinine and nicotine glucuronidationa per nicotine equivalents

Change in cotinine glucuronidation per NEbChange in nicotine glucuronidation per NEb
European Americans436−0.0070.0170.675436−0.0060.0210.794
African Americans3640.0280.0360.428364−0.0140.0320.669
Latino Americans453−0.0370.0220.087453−0.0640.0320.044
Japanese Americans674−0.0110.0120.385674−0.0470.0141.30 × 10−3
Native Hawaiians311−0.0380.0240.125311−0.1000.0311.40 × 10−3
Overall2239−0.0120.0090.1642239−0.0420.0106.44 × 10−5
Pheterogeneity1.26×10−257.69 × 10−11
  • aCotinine glucuronidation is the ratio of the difference of total cotinine and free cotinine over total cotinine.

  • bNE (nicotine equivalents) is the sum of total nicotine, total cotinine, and total 3′-hydroxycotinine expressed as nmol/mg creatinine.

  • cβ values and SEs have been adjusted for age, gender, and race.

  • dP values adjusted for age, gender, and race.