Table 3.

Correlates available on the NHIS, HINTS, BRFSS, and CHIS, 2005

Correlates available on the surveyNHISHINTSBRFSSCHIS
 Citizenship/immigration status
 Country of birth
 County of residence
 English fluency
 Interview language
 Marital status
 Occupational status
 Poverty level
 Public program participation
 Sexual orientation
 Time in the United States
Healthcare access and utilization
 Communication with healthcare provider(s)
 Frequency of utilization
 Insurance status
 Insurance status, detailed
 Mental health services
 Reason for lack of insurance coverage
 Usual source of care
Physician communication
 Discussion about cancer risk factors
 Discussion about online health information
Attitudes and beliefs
 Control perceptions
 Fatalism, cancer
 Risk perceptions
 Worry, cancer
 Disease-related knowledge
Social integration and support
 Social support
 Community organization participation
Cancer history
 Family, generic
 Family, detailed
Health behaviors
 Alcohol use
 Health information seeking
 Physical activity
 Second-hand smoke exposure
 Sexual health
 Sun protection
 Tobacco use
 Tobacco use, detailed
Health status
 Body mass index (e.g., height and weight)
 Cardiovascular disease
 Hay fever
 Kidney (weak or failing)
 Self-reported health
 Emotional health (e.g., psychological distress)
Objective disease risk calculators
 Gail model