Table 3.

Multivariate analyses to assess factors associated with sun protection practices in children

Sun protection compositeSunscreenShirt useHat useSeek shadeSunglasses
VariableCoefficient (CI)OR (CI)OR (CI)OR (CI)OR (CI)OR (CI)
Non-Latino white (vs. Latino)0.055 (−0.08–0.19)1.99 (0.97–4.10)1.47 (0.73–2.95)1.49 (0.65–3.45)0.95 (0.43–2.11)0.45 (0.17–1.22)
Child's age (cont.)0.016 (−0.03–−0.01)a0.87 (0.81–0.93)a0.93 (0.87–0.99)a0.96 (0.90–1.02)0.94 (0.88–1.00)a1.18 (1.06–1.31)a
Boy (vs. girl)0.099 (−0.19–−0.01)an/a2.55 (1.46–4.43)a3.11 (1.76–5.48)an/a0.38 (0.16–0.93)a
Objective risk (cont.)0.038 (0.02–0.06)a1.14 (1.02–1.28)an/a1.16 (1.04–1.29)a1.09 (0.98–1.21)n/a
Barriers (cont.)0.117 (−0.15–−0.08)a0.78 (0.62–0.98)a0.75 (0.60–0.93)a0.72 (0.58–0.88)a0.64 (0.52–0.80)a0.64 (0.46–0.88)a
Perceived efficacy0.031 (−0.01–0.07)n/an/a1.42 (1.09–1.87)an/an/a
Social norms0.069 (0.040.10)a1.20 (0.98–1.48)1.20 (0.99–1.45)1.26 (1.04–1.53)a1.29 (1.06–1.57)a1.32 (0.99–1.77)
Perceived risk (more vs. less or same as other children)n/an/a1.68 (0.97–2.92)n/an/an/a
Knowledge (cont.)n/an/an/a1.21 (0.96–1.53)n/a0.95 (0.69–1.32)
R2 = 0.30

NOTE: Bold text denotes significant variables in the models.

Abbreviations: Cont., continuous; n/a, variable excluded from multivariate model because not associated with sun protection in bivariate analyses.