Table 2.

Total number of subjects, survival time in person-years, and all-cause mortality and prostate cancer–specific deaths and events per 1,000 person-years by physical activity variables

TotalAll-causeProstate cancer–specific
No. of subjectsPerson-yearsNo. of eventsRate/1,000 person-yearsNo. of eventsRate/1,000 person-years
All study participants4,62321,69756125.91948.9
Total recreational MET-h/d
Walking or biking after diagnosis
 <20 min/d1,1055,06218436.36913.6
 ≥20 min/d3,51816,63437722.71257.5
Household work after diagnosis
 <1 h/d1,6127,43424132.47710.4
 ≥1 h/d3,01114,26332022.41178.2
Exercising after diagnosis
 <1 h/wk1,9148,84429333.110712.1
 ≥1 h/wk2,70912,85226820.9876.8