Table 3.

ORs for the association between obesity and risk of overall, low-grade, and high-grade prostate cancer in the REDUCE study, stratified by median age

Overall CancerbLow-grade cancerb Gleason (≤6)High-grade cancerb Gleason (≥7)
ORa (95% CI)PORa (95% CI)PORa (95% CI)P
Obesity predicting cancer grade
 Age <630.85 (0.68–1.06)0.150.81 (0.62–1.05)0.110.95 (0.64–1.42)0.82
 Age ≥630.99 (0.80–1.22)0.900.77 (0.60–0.99)0.041.55 (1.14–2.11)0.005

NOTE: Pinteraction between obesity and age is 0.12 for overall prostate cancer, 0.8 for low-grade prostate cancer, and 0.06 for high-grade prostate cancer.

  • aAdjusted for age, BMI, race, PSA, DRE findings, TRUS volume, and study treatment arm.

  • bReferents were nonobese men (BMI <30 kg/m2) and no cancer.