Table 3.

Final model HRs of abnormal cancer screening resolution for patient- and neighborhood-level factorsa

VariableHR (95% CI)Pb
Age, yc1.09 (1.00–1.19)0.044
Education level0.004
 ≤High schoolReferent
 High school2.32 (1.32–4.07)
 Some college/associate's degree1.71 (1.00–2.92)
 College grad/graduate degree2.11 (1.22–3.66)
Health insurance0.003
 Private1.68 (1.09–2.58)
 Public1.24 (0.79–1.95)
Friend support (PSS friend)0.096
 Low support (<16 PSS friend score)Referent
 Moderate support (16 ≤ PSS friend score < 191.22 (0.98–1.52)
 High support (≥19 PSS friend score)1.23 (1.01–1.50)
Median household income0.017
 Low median household income (<$36,147)Referent
 Moderate median household income ($36,147 ≤ Income < $53,099)1.30 (1.05–1.61)
 High median household income (≥$53,099)1.03 (0.83–1.28)
  • aThe sample used to calculate these estimates includes participants of both study arms.

  • bP value is for a χ2 test of improved model fit with the addition of the variable.

  • cHR is for a one SD increase of age (14.8 years).