Table 3.

Overview of GWAS

Gene locusGene candidateSNPMinor alleleAssociationPopulationaReference
HLA region6p21.32HLA-DRArs6903608GRiskcHL overall, NS cHL, YANS cHL, EBV cHL(15, 44–47)
6p21.32HLA-DRArs9268542GRiskNS cHL(45)
6p21.32HLA-DRArs2395185TProtectivecHL overall(15)
6p21.32HLA-DRB1rs2858870GProtectiveNS cHL(45)
6p21.32PRRT1rs204999GProtectivecHL overall, NS cHL, YANS cHL, EBV cHL(45, 47)
6p21.33MICBrs2248462AProtectivecHL overall(15)
6p22.1HLA-Ars2734986CRiskEBV+ cHL, MC cHL(15, 47)
6p22.1HCG9rs6904029AProtectiveEBV+ cHL, MC cHL(15, 47)
Non-HLA region2p16.1RELrs1432295GRiskcHL overall, EBV cHL(44, 46)
3p24.1EOMESrs3806624GRiskcHL overall, <40 yrs(46)
5q31IL13rs20541ARiskcHL overall, NS cHL, YANS cHL, EBV cHL(15, 47)
rs2069757ARiskcHL overall, NS cHL, YANS cHL, EBV cHL(47)
6q23.3HBS1L-MYBrs7745098GRiskcHL overall(46)
8q24.21PVT1rs2608053GRiskcHL overall, EBV cHL(44, 46)
rs2019960GRiskcHL overall, NS cHL, YANS cHL, EBV cHL(44, 46, 47)
10p14GATA3rs485411ARiskcHL overall(44)
rs501764CRiskcHL overall(44, 46)
19p13,3TCF3rs1860661GProtectivecHL overall(47)

Abbreviation: YANS cHL, young adult NS cHL.

  • aAll the case and control populations are of Caucasian ethnicity.