Table 2.

Non-HLA genes/SNPs associated with Hodgkin lymphoma susceptibility

GeneSNPAllele comparisonAssociationPopulationaReference
BMFrs1540686GG vs. AAProtectivecHL overall(36)
rs648289GG vs. AAProtectivecHL overall(36)
CASP6rs1800627AG/GG vs. AARiskcHL overall(36)
CYP2C9rs1799853CT/TT vs. CCRiskcHL overall, <50 y, EBV cHL(40)
ERCC1rs3212986TG/GG vs. TTProtectivecHL overall(41)
FCGR2Ars1801274G vs. ARiskEBV+ cHL(34)
IFNGrs2069718AA vs. GGRiskcHL overall(36)
rs6581795AG/GG vs. AARiskcHL overall(36)
IL8rs4073AT/TT vs. AAProtectivecHL overall(37)
IL10RArs3135932AG/GG vs. AAProtectivecHL overall(39)
IL12p40rs3212227AC/CC vs. AARiskcHL overall(38)
IL18rs187238GC/CC vs. GGProtectivecHL overall(37)
IL4RArs1801275GG vs. AARiskcHL overall(37)
IRF4rs872071GG vs. AARiskcHL overall(35)
MDR1rs1045642T vs. CRiskcHL overall(43)
MTHFRrs1801133T vs. CProtectivecHL overall(42)
NFKBIArs1050851CT/TT vs. CCProtectivecHL overall, >50 y, EBV cHL(40)
rs696GA/AA vs. GGRiskcHL overall, <50 y, EBV cHL(40)
rs8904CT/TT vs. CCRiskcHL overall, <50 y(40)
STAT3rs4103200GC/CC vs. GGProtectivecHL overall(36)
rs9912773CG/GG vs. CCProtectivecHL overall(36)
STAT4rs4853546GA/AA vs. GGProtectivecHL overall(36)
STAT6rs324011GA/AA vs. GGProtectivecHL overall(36)
rs703817GA/AA vs. GGProtectivecHL overall(36)
TLR4rs1554973CT/TT vs. CCProtectivecHL overall(37)
rs4986790AG/GG vs. AARiskcHL overall(39)
TLR7rs179008AT/TT vs. AAProtectivecHL overall(37)
TP63rs6790068GG vs. AARiskcHL overall(36)
rs9681004GG vs. AARiskcHL overall(36)
XPCrs2228000CT/TT vs. CCRiskcHL overall(41)
XRCC1rs1799782CT/TT vs. CCProtectivecHL overall(41)
rs25487AG/AA vs. GGRiskcHL overall(41)
  • aAll the case and control populations are of Caucasian ethnicity unless otherwise specified.