Table 3.

Estimations of minimum detectable fold changes for 2 study designs

Study 1Study 2Study 1Study 2
95% CI(1.75–5.16)(0.97–3.36)(2.67–6.46)(1.71–3.74)
90% CI(1.88–5.11)(1.07–3.20)(3.69–6.37)(2.11–3.68)

NOTE: The estimates of variability obtained from the empirical qPCR study of miR451 and miR185 were used to determine the minimum detectable fold change with 80% statistical power for a theoretical study (N = 75 vs. 75) of two miRNAs. The mean fold change, SE, 95% CI, and 90% CI are reported given no replicates (Study 1) versus a study given five extraction batches, five within-batch replicates, five time point replicates, and five qPCR replicates for 50% of the subjects (Study 2).