Table 2.

Baseline characteristics of SELECT participants included in the retention analysis, by race

White (n = 28,118)Black (n = 4,322)
 Age group (y)a
  Not Hispanic27,32697%4,24498%
 Family history of prostate cancer
 Living arrangements
  With others24,70388%3,31377%
 Education level
  Up to high school graduate5,37019%1,24529%
  Vocational/some college7,30426%1,55636%
  College graduate/some graduate school8,11129%84620%
  Completed graduate school7,12525%58614%
Baseline comorbidity
 Smoking status
 Cardiovascular health historyb
Reasons for participating in SELECTc
 “May help others in the future”
 “It may help me be healthier”
 “It may prevent prostate cancer”
 “My wife or others in my family want me to join”
 “It makes me proud to be part of a study”
 “It gives me a chance to see someone about my health”
  • aWhite participants were eligible for SELECT at age 55 and older; Black participants were eligible at age 50 and older.

  • bA patient has a positive cardiovascular health history if he reported any of the following at baseline: embolism, thrombosis; TIA; stroke; CHF; arrhythmia; angina; MI; CABG; angioplasty.

  • cAll participants completed a form with the question, “Why have you chosen to be on this study?” Participants may have marked more than one response.