Table 1.

Risk and protective HLA associations in cHL

HLA geneAlleleAssociationPopulationaReference
HLA-AA*01RiskEBV+ cHL(24–26)
A*02ProtectiveEBV+ cHL(24–26)
A*02:07RiskChinese, EBV+ cHL(27)
A*02:07ProtectiveChinese, EBV cHL(27)
HLA-BB*05RiskcHL overall(26)
B*37RiskEBV+ cHL(26)
HLA-DRB1DRB1*04:04ProtectiveNS cHL(25)
DRB1*07:01ProtectivecHL overall, NS cHL(26, 29, 30)
DRB1*10RiskEBV+ cHL(26)
DRB1*11:04RiskNS cHL(25)
DRB1*11/12 (DR5)RiskEBV cHL(26)
DRB1*15:01RiskcHL overall, NS cHL(29, 30)
DRB1*15/16 (DR2)RiskEBV cHL(26)
HLA-DQA1DQA1*02:01ProtectivecHL overall, NS cHL(29, 30)
HLA-DQB1DQB1*03:03ProtectivecHL overall, NS cHL(29, 30)
DQB1*06:02RiskcHL overall, NS cHL(29, 30)
HLA-DPB1DPB1*03:01RiskcHL overall, Females, NS cHL(29, 31–33)
DPB1*11:01ProtectiveNS cHL(29, 31)
DPB1*34:01RiskMales-MC cHL(31)
  • aAll the case and control populations are of Caucasian ethnicity unless otherwise specified.