Table 3.

Measurement error structure for log total sugars intake and log total sugars density assessed by FFQ, 24HR, and 4DFR among NPAAS (2007–2009) participants (primary study, n = 450; reliability study, n = 88)

Variance of true intake (Embedded Image)InstrumentSlope in regression of reported on true intake (βQ1, βF1, or βR1)Variance of person-specific bias (Embedded Image, Embedded Image, or Embedded Image)Correlation of person-specific bias with FFQ person-specific bias (Embedded Image or Embedded Image)Variance of within-person error (Embedded Image, or Embedded Image)
Total sugars intake, g/d0.26 (0.07)FFQ0.21 (0.09)a0.15 (0.02)0.06 (0.01)
4DFR0.20 (0.08)0.07 (0.01)0.62 (0.07)0.06 (0.01)
24HR0.20 (0.08)0.07 (0.01)0.63 (0.07)0.16 (0.01)
Total sugars density, g/1,000 kcal0.23 (0.07)FFQ0.21 (0.08)0.06 (0.01)0.03 (0.01)
4DFR0.14 (0.07)0.05 (0.01)0.84 (0.07)0.04 (0.01)
24HR0.22 (0.08)0.04 (0.01)0.70 (0.08)0.11 (0.01)

NOTE: All the parameters were estimated using FFQ-, 24HR-, and 4DFR measurement errors models adjusted for BMI and age and biomarker measurement errors model adjusted for age.

  • aSE (all values in parentheses).