Table 1.

Distribution of females by racial/ethnic group in the state of California in those census tracts for which those totals have been enumerated in the 2000 census (“enumerated tracts”)

Female populationCensus tracts
Race/ethnicityaNumber of females in enumerated tractsbStatewide total (%)Number of enumerated tractsStatewide total (%)
Major group
 Non-Hispanic white7,907,06899.06,06486.0
 Any Asianc1,567,73681.82,73038.7
 Pacific Islanderc2,1883.890.1
Any Asian
 Asian Indian33,15923.11091.5

NOTE: Also shown are the number and proportion (out of 7,049) of enumerated census tracts for each racial/ethnic group.

  • aDoes not include individuals of mixed race/ethnicity.

  • bA census tract is enumerated if a race/ethnic group had at least 100 individuals in that tract.

  • cCensus tracts that contain any Asian and Pacific Islanders are not mutually exclusive.