Table 3.

Cumulative risk, casewise concordance risk, and heritability of liability to prostate cancer diagnosis, overall and by cohort in the NorTwinCan database

Casewise concordanceaEstimates from twin modelingb
CohortLifetime riskaMZDZShared environment (c2)Heritability (h2)
Denmark6.3% (5.8%–6.8%)0.33 (0.25–0.42)0.16 (0.14–0.19)0 (—)0.59 (0.47–0.70)
Nordicc12.7% (12.2%–13.2)0.40 (0.35–0.45)0.25 (0.22–0.29)0.05 (—)0.52 (0.31–0.72)

NOTE: Bias correction due to censorings by the inverse probability weighting technique.

  • aLifetime risk is the cumulative incidence at age 100 years. Casewise concordance and 95% CIs.

  • bHeritability in liability to prostate cancer from additive, shared, and unique environmental components (ACE model). No difference between country-specific heritabilities (P value = 0.55).

  • cOverall ACE model for Finland, Norway, and Sweden combined with adjustment for censoring. Overall, the AE model is most parsimonious with heritability of 0.58 (0.52–0.63). Confidence limits not achievable for c2. Estimates and 95% CIs.