Table 3.

Male trends of lung cancer incidence rates and APC by race/ethnicity and histologic cell type, 1990–2010, United States

SCLCAdenocarcinomaSCCLC and OSCUnspecified
1990–2010−3.3a(−3.5 to −3.1)1990–1998−0.2(−0.7 to 0.4)1990–1995−5.1a(−5.8 to −4.3)1990–1999−4.1a(−4.8 to −3.5)1990–19970.3(−0.5 to 1.2)
1998–2004−2.9a(−4 to −1.7)1995–1999−2.6a(−4.5 to −0.7)1999–2002−10.3a(−18 to −2.4)1997–20033.5a(2.2 to 4.8)
2004–20101.5a(0.7 to 2.4)1999–2004−5.4a(−6.7 to −4.2)2002–2010−3.5a(−4.5 to −2.5)2003–2008−4.0a(−5.7 to −2.3)
2004–20101.0a(0.3 to 1.7)2008–2010−17a(−22 to −11)
1990–2010−2.7a(−4.1 to −1.3)1990–1996−5.5a(−11 to −0.1)1990–2001−6.8a(−9 to −4.6)1990–2010−5.7a(−7.1 to −4.4)1990–20071.8(0 to 3.6)
1996–20101.3a(0 to 2.5)2001–2010−1.4(−4.3 to 1.5)2007–2010−18(−34 to 3.0)
1990–2010−3.3a(−4.4 to −2.1)1990–20100.3(−0.4 to 1.0)1990–2010−2.5a(−3.5 to −1.6)1990–2010−5.3a(−7.2 to −3.3)1990–20007.5a(3.9 to 11.4)
2000–2010−4.2a(−6.7 to −1.6)
1990–2010−0.7(−2.4 to 1.1)1990–20100.1(−0.9 to 1.1)1990–2010−1.2(−2.4 to 0.1)1990–2010b−4.4a(−6.1 to −2.7)1990–20063.7a(1.8 to 5.5)
2006–2010−8.3(−19 to 3.7)
1990–2010b−3.2(−6.5 to 0.3)1990–2010b−1.1(−2.6 to 0.5)1990–2010−4.8a(−6.7 to −2.8)1990–2010c−3.4(−19 to 15)1990–2010−3.0a(−4.7 to −1.2)
1990–2010b−3.9a(−6.5 to −1.2)1990–2006−1.4(−3.7 to 1.0)1990–2010b−4.3a(−7.9 to −0.7)1990–2010b−7.3a(−10 to −4.4)1990–2010b−0.7(−4.7 to 3.4)
2006–201011(−1.5 to 24.2)
Native Hawaiian
1990–2010b−4.3a(−6.7 to −1.9)1990–20100.1(−1.0 to 1.3)1990–2010−3.9a(−5.8 to −2.0)1990–2010c−7.5(−18 to 3.8)1990–20032.2(−1.1 to 5.6)
2003–2010−8.8a(−15 to −2.1)
1990–2010c1.5(−4.7 to 8.1)
1990–2010c−0.7(−11 to 11)1990–2010c−2.7(−13 to 9.2)
1990–2010c−1.1(−7.4 to 5.5)1990–2010c−0.1(−6.5 to 6.6)1990–2010c−0.1(−7.3 to 7.7)
Asian Indian/Pakistani
1990–2010c−0.2(−5.7 to 5.6)1990–2010b2.2(−0.2 to 4.7)1990–2010c−1.9(−8.7 to 5.3)1990–2010c−5.4(−21 to 13)1990–2010c0.1(−5.0 to 5.4)
  • aThe 95% CI for the APC does not include zero (P < 0.05).

  • bJoinpoint and observed rates are based on 2-year groups.

  • cJoinpoint and observed rates are based on 5-year groups.