Table 1.

Baseline characteristics of patients with adenomas on colonoscopy

Characteristics of the patients (n = 474)a
Age (y)56.32 ± 7.92
Sex (male)272 (57.4%)
FDR with colorectal cancer (yes)202 (42.6%)
 Ourense259 (54.6%)
 Vigo190 (40.1%)
 San Sebastian25 (5.3%)
Previous colonoscopy (yes)51 (10.8%)
Bowel cleansing (adequate)399 (84.2%)
Complete colonoscopy (yes)470 (99.2%)
Advanced adenoma (yes)b145 (30.6%)
Location of the adenomas
 Distal to splenic flexure (yes)357 (75.5%)
 Only proximal to splenic flexure (yes)116 (24.5%)
Location of the advanced adenomas (145)
 Distal to splenic flexure (yes)110 (75.9%)
 Only proximal to splenic flexure (yes)35 (24.1%)
European classificationc
 High risk49 (10.3%)
 Intermediate risk143 (30.2%)
 Low risk282 (59.5%)

NOTE: Qualitative variables are expressed as absolute numbers and percentage. Quantitative variables are expressed as mean and standard deviation.

Abbreviation: FDR, first-degree relative.

  • aIndividuals were classified according to the most advanced lesion.

  • bAdenoma >1 cm in size or with high-grade dysplasia or intramucosal carcinoma or with villous component (>20%).

  • cLow risk, ≤2 non-advanced adenomas; intermediate risk, 3 and 4 adenomas, 10 to 20 mm in size, <10 mm advanced adenomas; high risk, ≥5 adenomas or ≥20 mm in size.