Table 1.

Demographic and clinical–pathologic characteristics of 320 subjects comprising study cohort

Bladder canceraBenignb and healthy controlsP valuec
(n = 183)(n = 137)
Median age (range, y)69 (33–92)65 (21–96.5)0.094
Male: female ratio153/2999/380.010
Clinical stage and grade
 Tis high grade4 (2%)
 Ta low grade59 (32%)
 Ta high grade25 (14%)
 T1 low grade19 (10%)
 T1 high grade46 (25%)
 ≥T2 high grade23 (13%)
 Unknown7 (4%)
  • aPrimary bladder cancer; no patient with a history of bladder cancer.

  • bVoiding symptoms, urinary tract infection, urolithiasis microscopic hematuria.

  • cWilcoxon rank sum test.