Table 1.

Search strategy

1(CSC or “Cancer Stem Cell” or “molecular marker*” or biomarker* or “free cancer cells” or “stem cell*” or fecal or fecal).ti,ab.
2Limit 1 to y = “2006 -Current”
3(“early diagnosis” or “early detection” or diagnos* or detect*).ti,ab.
4Limit 3 to y = “2006 -Current”
5(Blood or serum or plasma or protein or DNA or RNA or tissue or assay).ti,ab.
6Limit 5 to y = “2006 -Current”
7(“colorectal cancer” or colorectal or colon* or colorectal or polyp or adenoma).ti,ab.
8Limit 7 to y = “2006 -Current”
10Limit 9 to y = “2006–Current”
112 and 4 and 6 and 8
1211 not 9