Table 3.

Association between allergic diseases and hematologic malignancies in IWHS subjects by location of residencea,b (1997–2011)

NPerson-yearsHRc (95% CI)NPerson-yearsHRc (95% CI)Pinteractiond
Myeloid neoplasms
 No allergye3756,483Ref.85125,835Ref.
 Allergy820,8400.60 (0.28–1.30)4759,7301.14 (0.79–1.63)0.14
Lymphoid neoplasms
 No allergye11556,130Ref.190125,275Ref.
 Allergy3020,7180.69 (0.46–1.04)10159,3601.14 (0.89–1.46)0.05
  • aOne subject (without allergy) did not report her residence.

  • bWhere rural was defined as living on a farm or a rural area but not a farm, and urban was defined as any town or city.

  • cAdjusted for age (years, continuous), education (less than high school, high school, more than high school), BMI (kg/m2, categorical; <25, 25–29.9, ≥30 per 1997 follow-up questionnaire), smoking status (yes, no), and residence (rural, urban).

  • dP value for heterogeneity of the HRs obtained by inclusion of interaction term in the multivariable model.

  • eNo allergy reference group includes only individuals indicating no asthma, hay fever, skin allergies, or other allergies.