Table 5.

HRs for invasive breast cancer according to level of recreational physical activity within the previous 4 years, stratified by BMI, waist circumference, variation in weight, and less recent level of recreational physical activity

Recent recreational physical activity (MET-h/wk)No. of casesMultivariable HRa95% CINo. of casesMultivariable HRa95% CI
BMI < 25 kg/m2BMI ≥25 kg/m2
WC < 75 cmWC ≥75 cm
Recent annual weight gainb ≤ 1 kgRecent annual weight gainb >1 kg
Recreational physical activity 5–9 y earlier <12 MET-h/wkRecreational physical activity 5–9 y earlier ≥12 MET-h/wk

NOTE: E3N Cohort, 1993–2005.

Abbreviation: WC, waist circumference.

  • aAdjusted for age (time scale), family history of breast cancer in first-degree relatives, age at menarche, parity and age at first full-term pregnancy, BMI, history of benign breast disease, age at menopause, use of menopausal hormone therapy, total energy intake excluding alcohol, and alcohol intake. Further stratified by year of birth. See Table 1 for the categories/cutoffs used.

  • bkg gained per year during the previous follow-up cycle.