Table 1.

Association between baseline characteristics and serum C-reactive protein levels in NHANES III participantsa

Serum C-reactive protein levels (mg/dL)
Age (mean), y46.750.652.753.3<0.01
 Non-Hispanic white43.543.239.038.4<0.01
 Non-Hispanic black25.026.229.534.1<0.01
Education: high school or more61.858.552.049.4<0.01
Annual family income: ≥$20,00053.851.345.540.4<0.01
 <25 kg/m247.428.722.124.3<0.01
 25–29.9 kg/m235.537.835.829.10.03
 ≥30 kg/m217.133.642.146.6<0.01
Waist:hip ratio (mean)0.910.930.940.94<0.01
Smoking status
 Current smoker25.026.725.328.20.01
 Former smoker24.625.326.226.50.07
 Never smoker50.448.048.545.3<0.01
Alcohol consumption51.446.539.534.9<0.01
Physical activityb
 More active34.530.727.120.0<0.01
 Less active19.622.826.234.2<0.01
 About the same45.846.446.645.70.65
Diabetes mellitus7.513.617.622.2<0.01
Supplement use38.038.036.338.50.99
Regular NSAID usec17.<0.01
Hormone use in womend7.511.912.613.6<0.01
Serum folate levels (mean), ng/mL6.
Fiber intake (mean), g/day17.516.415.414.4<0.01
Total saturated fatty acid intake (mean), g/day27.325.323.622.9<0.01
Total calcium intake (mean), mg/day793.2735.9717.8672.7<0.01
Total vitamin D intake (mean), mcg/day4.<0.01
Serum C-peptide (mean), pmol/mL0.<0.01
White blood cell count (mean), 103/μL6.<0.01
Neutrophil–lymphocyte ratio2.<0.01
Plasma fibrinogen (mean), mg/dL290.7324.2344.7410.5<0.01
Serum albumin (mean), g/dL4.<0.01
  • aData are shown as percentages unless otherwise specified.

  • bCompared with others of same age.

  • cNSAID use ≥15 times in the past 1 month.

  • dUse of any estrogen or progesterone including oral contraceptive pills by women in the past 1 month.