Table 1.

Sensitivity and specificity for anti-EBV IgA antibodies, applied to prevalent NPC and healthy controls from Taiwan

IgA MarkerSensitivity for prevalent NPCaSpecificity in healthy, community controls
Viral capsid antigen (VCAp18)78.949.3
 Early prevalent disease76.1
 Late prevalent disease81.3
Epstein–Barr nuclear antigen (EBNA1)92.380.0
 Early prevalent disease95.5
 Late prevalent disease89.3
Early antigen (Ead_p47)43.081.3
 Early prevalent disease38.8
 Late prevalent disease46.7
Early antigen (EAp138)47.982.7
 Early prevalent disease38.8
 Late prevalent disease56.0
Combined VCAp18 + EBNA1 ELISA99.332.0
 Early prevalent disease100
 Late prevalent disease98.7

NOTE: Early disease, WHO stage I/II; late disease, WHO stage III/IV.

  • aThe percentages are based on a threshold value for determining a positive result of ≥1.0.