Table 2.

Breast cancer recurrence by IGFI receptor status and carbohydrate intake among postmenopausal breast cancer survivors in a nested case–control analysis

IGFI receptor status of breast tumor tissuePostdiagnosis change in carbohydrate intakeaCasesControlsHR (95% CI) breast cancer recurrence
Main effect models
 Positive51821.7 (1.2–2.5)b
Stable/increased66452.0 (1.3–5.0)c
Interaction modeld
 NegativeStable/increased27261.0 (Referent)
 NegativeDecreased13660.7 (0.2–1.7)
 PositiveDecreased12630.6 (0.2–1.3)
 PositiveStable/increased39195.5 (1.8–16.3)e
  • aDecreased intake reflects lowest tertile of postdiagnosis change in carbohydrate intake (<−26.7 g/day) and stable/increased intake reflects upper two tertiles of change.

  • bAdjusted for race/ethnicity, number of positive nodes, progesterone receptor status of primary cancer, and chemotherapy treatment.

  • cAdjusted for carbohydrate and energy intake at baseline as well as change in postdiagnosis energy and fiber intake.

  • dLikelihood ratio test P = 0.110.

  • eAdjusted for all covariates listed above.